Established in 1979, a leading provider of construction materials. We prioritize quality, customer satisfaction, and adaptability, with a network of 16 branches across key regions. HCA's commitment to growth has driven its expansion into both domestic and international markets.

Our Values

At HCA, we actively promote the integration of our Core Values into every aspect of our employees' professional and personal lives, fostering an environment where these principles guide actions and decisions at all times.


In every facet of our operations and in every relationship we maintain, we are committed to acting with unwavering honesty, complete transparency, and absolute trustworthiness.


We adhere to a strict code of conduct that demonstrates an unwavering and uncompromising commitment to the needs of our customers as well as to the mutual respect and support we uphold among each other.


We are deeply committed to our work, always approaching every task with thoughtfulness and attentiveness. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of conduct, ensuring that our performance and the quality of our services meet exemplary levels.


We recognise the transformative power that entrepreneurial endeavors have in driving progress, solving problems, and creating value in our communities. By fostering an environment that encourages creativity and risk-taking.


We tackle all our tasks with vigor, excitement, and a genuine intention to surpass expectations.


We tackle all our tasks with vigor, excitement, and a genuine intention to surpass expectations.


Our Team

HCA is a diverse group of professionals dedicated to providing top-quality construction materials. With a shared commitment to customer satisfaction and adaptability, we work across 16 branches to serve our growing market. Our collective expertise drives HCA's expansion into new regions and ensures our leadership in both domestic and international markets.

Sadashiv Raghunath Aher


Harish Sadashiv Aher

Managing Director

Dhiraj Govind Sandhanshiv

Deputy Managing Director

Madhuri Milind Sanap

Promotor : Corporate Domestic Finance

Milind Laxman Sanap

Promotor : Corporate International Finance

Viresh I. Bafana

Director : Institutional Business

Ajay Rathi

Director : Retail Business

Ashish Chavan

Director : International Business

Building excellence starts here! Explore quality supplies at HCA. Elevate your projects with top-tier construction materials. Welcome to HCA! From foundation to finish, find reliability in every product. Welcome to quality at HCA!
Building excellence starts here! Explore quality supplies at HCA. Elevate your projects with top-tier construction materials. Welcome to HCA! From foundation to finish, find reliability in every product. Welcome to quality at HCA!

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1979 - The Beginning

Established in 1979 in Surgana, Hari Om Cement Agency embodies Gandhi's rural development ethos. From essentials for rainy season repairs to diverse building materials, we offer quality supplies at fair prices.

1992 -The Expanse of Building Material Products

The nineties marked the beginning of a golden era for the business, necessitating proactive measures from the founder to capitalize on opportunities for the company's expansion and diversification of building material products to better serve the market.


2000 -The Expanse of Building Material Products

Commerce graduate Mr. Harish Aher joined, invigorating the business with fresh ideas. Under Mr. Vicky's dynamic leadership, Hari Om Cement Agency expanded significantly. To support growth, they transitioned to a partnership firm, requiring more capital and manpower.

2012 - Leading the Expansion of Cement Wholesale Across Maharashtra

The company's focus on customer satisfaction, coupled with aggressive marketing strategies and a commitment to competitive pricing, has propelled it to the forefront of the industry.

2016 - Expanding horizontally, upgrading product lines, and adding motivated team members

Hari Om Cement Agency (HCA) transitioned to a partnership model in 2012, with Mr. Sunny joining as a key partner. This strategic move also brought in notable members like Mr. Milind Sanap, Madhuri Sanap, and Dhiraj Sadashiv, enriching HCA's expertise and expanding its market reach.

2019 - Launch of First Branch , Expanding its Footprint in the Cement Industry

This expansion demonstrates HCA's dedication to meeting the rising demand for cement products and enhancing customer accessibility. The new branch will utilize local market insights to offer customized solutions, reinforcing HCA's position as a leader in the cement wholesale market.

2022 -HCA Expands Significantly with Opening of 9 New Branches in Nashik District

HCA significantly increased its presence in Maharashtra with the opening of 9 new branches across the district of Nashik. This strategic expansion was aimed at penetrating deeper into local markets and enhancing the supply chain effectiveness.

2023 -Welcomes New Partners Spearhead Expansion in Institutional, Retail, and International Markets

In 2023, HCA welcomed Mr. Viresh Bafana, Mr. Ajay Rathi, and Mr. Ashish Chavan, a team of industry experts. Their extensive experience will drive HCA's expansion into institutional, retail, and international business. This strategic move aims to boost HCA's presence in domestic markets while opening doors to a global audience.

2024 - HCA Expands to 16 Branches, Accelerates Domestic Supply and Enters International Markets

In 2024, Hari Om Cement Agency (HCA) expanded to 16 branches across key regions, boosting domestic supply capabilities. This growth demonstrates HCA's dedication to meeting the rising demand for quality cement. At the same time, HCA has ventured into international markets, aiming to diversify its customer base and seize global growth opportunities, reinforcing its position in the industry.

Our Philosophy

Our business has transitioned from serving a small town to catering to both rural and urban markets, demonstrating adaptability and a commitment to addressing diverse needs. Initially focusing on rural development, you've shifted towards infrastructure projects that align with economic changes and government initiatives aimed at improving connectivity. This focus has equipped you to play a vital role in bridging the gap between rural and urban areas.

With India's rapid infrastructure growth and increasing connectivity, your expertise in serving rural and urban markets is invaluable. This dual-market understanding allows you to support the evolving demands of urban centers while contributing to the development of rural areas. Your venture into export business also opens up international opportunities for growth and diversification, reinforcing your capacity to thrive in a dynamic landscape.
By staying aware of market trends and leveraging your experience in serving interior regions, you are well-positioned to capitalize on India's infrastructure expansion. Your holistic approach demonstrates a clear vision and a commitment to meeting the needs of customers across varied segments, laying a solid foundation for ongoing success and growth.